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Beatrice (Bea) Kristi Ilejay Laus (born June 3, 2000 in the Philippines), known as beabadoobee, is a London-based singer-songwriter. She has formed her own independent, unique bedroom-acoustic sound pulling heartstrings with every beat. Her sensational melodies are influenced by the iconic artists such as Alex G, Karen O and Florist. She has released a collection of EPs ("Lice", "Patched Up", "Loveworm", "Space Cadet"), her debut full-length album "Fake It Flowers" in 2020, and her sophomore album "Beatopia" in 2022.

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“Glue Song” is a love song about finding someone special and becoming attached to them. Bea sings about experiencing this unexpected connection with someone that is unlike anything she has ever felt before. She uses glue as a metaphor for her love with this person. Her and her partner have grown attached and in love with each other– they’ve become stuck together in a positive way. Beabadoobee originally performed this unreleased song for the first time live during her concert in Brooklyn, New York on October 28th, 2022 during her Beatopia Tour. She then posted an Instagram Reel of her live performance of “Glue” on October 29, 2022.

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