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George Miller, known by his stage name Joji, is a Japanese-Australian singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and former YouTube personality under his previous alias "Filthy Frank". In 2013, on the DizastaMusic YouTube channel, Miller created the video "Do the Harlem Shake (Original)," which originated from a clip of the video "Filthy Compilation #6 – Smell My Fingers",the video has been viewed 60 million times (as of February 2019). The original clip led to the creation of the Harlem Shake meme

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“Glimpse of Us” is the first musical offering from Joji since the release of his second studio album "Nectar" in September 2020. On the track, Joji compares his current relationship to the connection he felt with a past lover, unable to forget the feelings he had in his past while with his current partner. Joji first teased the track on June 6, 2022, with an instagram story revealing that new music would be coming later that week. That same day, he then posted the song’s title and cover art, along with a pre-save link for the single.

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