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If you’re cruising for music with a sparkling, melodic rock flavor, then you’ve come to the right place. Stephen Breeze is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, writing and performing songs that grab the heart of the listener and serve up infectious songwriting goodness to the audience. Moving You The listener must be moved. Not from his seat in the audience (for no fan will want to vacate his seat once Breeze starts playing), but within the spaces of his heart. Breeze believes in writing songs that offer the listener an emotional journey. “I go for a deep personal emotional tone that hopefully move you, like I am moved.” His emotional spectrum is a broad one as he explores the human heart from one end to the other. “I am going for sad and depressed to uplifting and inspired, from everyday life to party time.” Storytelling Breeze also likes to write story-based songwriting, crafting three-dimensional, organic pieces that are robust, full-bodied and poignant. But some of his aural stories exist in other places, rooted in real human themes but existing in contexts of the imagination. “My music usually has a story behind it and if it’s not real life, it’s fantasy. The goal is to move my listeners to a different place, the place they want to be.” The Artist at Work “The plan,” says Breeze, “is to write, track and produce a new self-released album and promote by gigging locally and regionally.” He’s hard at work writing new music and recording is going hot and heavy, as well. He anticipates the completion of his new album in the very near future. Breeze is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. Review “Stephen Breeze has shown us that music can still be done in a fresh, new way. There is, indeed, something new under the sun.” – A&R Select

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