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OLD LIGHTS BIO from Saint Ives Recordings Old Lights is the mastermind of chief songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Beeman. He is a transplant from southern California to St. Louis, Missouri and then recently to Cottage Grove, OR. Known to date primarily as a drummer with David Vandervelde and a sound engineer for bands such as Cold War Kids, Delta Spirit and Elvis Perkins, "Every Night Begins the Same" is comprised of songs that he'd been writing on the road. Common story, yes, but uncommon songs. Heavily inspired by post-Beatles solo records, Beach Boys harmonies, the result is a layered and textured pop album that would appeal to fans of Rufus Wainwright, Badfinger and Okkervil River. Some of these songs were written, performed, and recorded by Beeman alone in as little as 2 hours, with as little as 2 microphones, while others were months long collaborations between Beeman and bandmate Gabe Doiron with much more effort going into the production. It ends up sounding like the midwest with a little sunny southern California charm. Old Lights released the full-length "Every Night Begins the Same" on St. Ives (Secretly Canadian imprint) in October of 2009. The album is available on iTunes and the limited edition hand-designed vinyls are available at

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