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They're from Olympia, Wa :P www.facebook.com/fruitjuiceband www.soundcloud.com/fruitjuice-oly "The kind of light psychedelic pop created by Fruit Juice is eminently invigorating in its giddy goofiness. With their glammy energy and commitment to sunny, falsetto harmonies, Fruit Juice at times resembles of Montreal. Smack in the middle of a brightly poppy journey, an underwater spoken word interlude busts in and ushers the listener down a rabbit hole of brain-warping textures before emerging on the other end just as boisterous and driving as before. Elsewhere, Fruit Juice recalls the pastoral beauty of Village Green-era Kinks, Or the slyexperimentation of John Lennon. It's a swirling fish bowl of paint illuminating against a wall in an endless configuration of shapes and colors, and it all eventually congeals into a surprisingly consisten vibe of wackiness and devil-may-care subversion -- all with pleasantly glassy-eyed sheen" -Rev. Adam Mckinney, Weekly Volcano Jake McCaffray - Vocal and Guitar Quillian Fins'nsea - Vocal and Keys Jared Maple - Bass Jonathan Thompson - Drums

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